Imprinted Concrete Sealing imageImprinted Concrete Sealing image

Imprinted Concrete Sealing

Pattern imprinted concrete is a very hard wearing surface and is chosen by homeowners for their driveways and patios.

When it is first laid imprinted concrete is sealed to create a visually appealing 'wet look' finish. Over time the surface will dull down and lose some of its sheen. To keep the imprinted concrete looking in optimum condition, we recommend re-sealing it every 3-5 years depending on the use it gets.

If your imprinted concrete driveway or patio has lost colour as well we can re-colour and re-seal the surface if necessary. It does not matter if the concrete surface has been laid many years earlier without much maintenance taking place during that time, we can still restore it close to its original condition.

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If the concrete surface is slippery when wet, as an additional service we can add 'anti-slip' agent to the surface during the restoration process.

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